Raising the tango bar

Yesterday was a day of tango for me, a tango workshop in the afternoon, a milonga in the evening. After our trip to Buenos Aires with the opportunity to watch the locals dance and do a workshop with difference I have come home determined to improve my tango - and my stamina(so more yoga and more walking too). For some time now I have just enjoyed the social side of tango and improving my knowledge of the music and have not really worked on improving my dance - there is only so much time. The workshop I did yesterday was very different to the one I did in BA but both were focussed on technique.
While in BA I saw all standards of dance from beginner to beautiful! but I did not see any helicopter dancing (see below).
Since returning I have been to a few Sydney milongas and it has sharpened my awareness of the dance styles and standards of Sydney dancers - and we have some good dancers here. Yesterday's workshop opened my eyes to what I had been noticing but had not really taken on board, which is the naturalness of the Villa Urquiza salon tango and the reasons why it looks so elegant.
This Youtube video of Club Gricel (not Grisel) taken about a couple of years ago is the essence of a milonga for me.

Some milonga floors in Sydney are spoilt by the swoopers (see previous posting) and those who think that rotating with their embrace open and their feet out like a helicopter is the way to go . These dancers monopolise their section of floor as others try to avoid them, sometimes not succeeding. This dance style can actually detract from the enjoyment of other dancers, as happened at a recent Sydney milonga I attended. This is not where I (and many of those whose company I enjoy) want to be - and there will no doubt come a time in Sydney when there are milongas where this style of dancing is the norm, and milongas where the close embrace salon style - and the atmosphere of a Club Gricel - is accepted.


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