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One of the blogs I read regularly is Arlene's London Tango Pages As with Tango Cherie in Buenos Aires, it is fascinating to learn that other cities experience the same tango moments as we do here in Sydney.
The issue of Tango Performances is one that has come up on both the above blogs recently and it about to arise again in Sydney as we go into the Professional Tango Performance Season (that time of year when teachers, usually from Buenos Aires, decide to add Australia to their itinerary). Arlene's posting 'Tango Teachers a Dime a Dozen' struck a chord. Arlene is not impressed by many of the 'Tango Teachers' that turn up in London and is quite harsh in her criticism questioning their credentials - and their style. Worth reading if only to disagree.
A new blog I have just discovered via Arlene's is Irene and Man Yung's Tango Blog from Toronto in Canada. Why do onlookers clap certain tango performances ... and why do they clap in the all wrong places? they ask. Having been round the tango scene for a few years I have seen my share of tango performances and I have reached the point where I will actually avoid a milonga if I know there is going to be a performance I don't want to see (usually again!). Irene and Man have decided that people clap for 4 reasons... read the blog for their conjectures... I don't agree with all of it, but I do agree with their conclusions in principal which are:
- Learn to be a better dancer every way you can - and if you can't afford to do expensive workshops then ask questions of others, watch dancers you admire, take photos of yourself dancing, note where you might improve and be selective about the classes you do.
- Clap when you see a tango performance that inspires or moves you. Simple as that. The more performances you see, the more critical you will become. But you will still be moved by an inspirational performance.
This weekend I am off to see two performances - one an orchestra that I know will inspire and move me - and the other a couple from Buenos Aires I saw dance last year.

TangoCherie has added the performance of Jeanine Mason, a young classical dancer who has just won So you Think You Dance in the US with a balletic performance to Por Una Cabeza. Excellent dancing but I just love Gardel singing this song so much I didn't really enjoy it. America did - they voted her their favourite dancer.


fnkykntr said…
Hi, just wondering what orchestra and dance couple is it that you mention you are going to see? Im based in Canberra not Sydney but it would be good to know in case they are heading my way too! thanks
The orchestra was the TangoOz - an orchestra of young musicians from the Sydney Youth Orchestra and the Conservatorium - they were fabulous! And the dancers were Fabrizio Forte and Celi Arias who are by now in New Zealand for the Wellington Tango Festival. They too were excellent.
We post forthcoming events in the newsletter on TangoAustralia - so please subscribe if you want to know what's happening... there's some great things coming up in Canberra - including a performance by the orchestra in November at a music Festival.
fnkykntr said…
thanks - I had some workshops with Fabrizio and Celi when they were in Canberra about a month ago, they are great teachers too. Will keep an eye out for the Orchestra in November! Im looking forward to a weekend of tango in the Blue Mountains next in a couple of weeks time, maybe you will be there too?!

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