Sydney to lose its most popular milonguero

I don't think Nelson and his partner will beat Dame Nellie Melba for the number of farewell milongas held in their honour - after all the 19th century opera diva spent nearly 8 years saying goodbye to her Australian audiences and this popular couple have only spent the last couple of months! And to be fair they are not holding the farewells. It is the many milonga organisers in Sydney who want to say farewell to this couple who have been regulars at most of the milongas around town. Particularly Nelson who is seen every night of the week at a milonga, dancing his milonguero style and the occasional canyengue. They will both be sorely missed.
I first met both of them at Wednesday night classes in the Rocks run by a young Colombian, who at the time was Sydney's outstanding male tango dancer.We were beginners in every way and had much to learn (and still do) about the dance, music and culture of tango. Nelson, whose home country is Uruguay, has a wonderful collection of tango music and every now and then would persuade the teacher to allow us to have a class on the music of tango and its history. Towards the end of this time we travelled to Argentina with Nelson and Liz and a group of tangueros and tangueras taking their first trip to Buenos Aires. This was just after the financial crisis in BA and the city was raw, smog-filled and edgy - we had a fantastic trip and got to know each well as travellers do.
As well as being a tanguera Liz is a highly talented artist and she will often sit on the side at a milonga sketching the dancers rather than joining in on the floor. When my partner broke his ankle very early in our tango journey Liz created a great tango cartoon to cheer him up.
When they leave there will be a hole in the fabric of Sydney tango. Nelson is ever the gentleman both on the floor, where floorcraft is everything to him, and off, where his quiet, dignified manner has made him so popular with all the women.
Hasta luego Liz and Nelson - we wish you both a great life in Buenos Aires and look forward to your return trips to Oz and your Australian tango family.
Thanks to David Allison for the photo of Nelson and Liz dancing canyengue


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