Tango Fire - a tango showcase

They open in Werribee on 27 July and will perform in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra and if you have never seen tango danced on stage it will take your breath away. The performances by this young troupe of professional tango dancers  are typical of the performances you will see if you go to a tango show in Buenos Aires and a production such as Tango Fire is a great way to introduce your friends who have never actually seen stage tango to the dance - and to the music. For me the music is very special. I have seen a number of similar shows and while I can marvel at the technical abilities of the dancers - it is listening to the  band Quatrotango that will give me goosebumps. Professional musicians who have performed at many of the famous and popular milongas and also at the World Tango Festival Quatrotango are a treat.
If you've enjoyed the Tango Championships in Australia you will also have the opportunity to see World Stage Tango Champions, 2008,  Jose Fernandez and Melody Celatti performed.

There's a short interview with Jose and Melody in the Sydney Morning Herald. 
And if you would like to hear Hugo Satorre playing Troilo download the audio from this interview with Andrew Ford on the ABC's Music Show. 


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