Argentine Tango is Dead

Not my headline - as you can see! This comes from the Washington Post of 1920 - it seems the 'middle-aged dancers' had taken over the dance floor - now that would never do! Seems the men had to be told where to put their hands! and whatever happened to the schottische? in fact what is it?
The full story reads...

London, Aug 28. — The Argentine tango, which has been dying since 1914, got its last jolt today, when Maj. Cecil Taylor, president of the Imperial Society of Dance Teachers Congress, pronounced it dead. Fashionable dances next season will be a new and thoroughly reconstructed tango, the fox-trot, the one-step l’Italienne and the Spanish schottische. Simplicity in movement is the basis of these dances. The ‘hip hold’ is barred.
“The tendency of the modern dance is for simplicity in movement,” said Maj Taylor. “There must be quietness in style. No stunts are wanted. L’Italienne is a waltz in a new theme and the Spanish schottische resembles a fox trot, but it is slower. One of the reasons for the slower tendency in dancing is that the middle aged dancer has come to stay.”
The congress rules that in dancing the man should place his hand in the middle of his partner’s back. She is guided in this way, instead of by her partner placing his right hand on her left hip.


tangocherie said…
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I love it! Thanks for posting.
(The new generation of canyengue dancers don't know about the ban on "hip holds.")
Mark said…
It seems to be doing rather well for something that has been dead for 90 years! The winners in the salon category of the tango world cup last night were just 18 years old.

Yet Another Dance Addict
Who are they Mark? I haven't been able to find any information on who they are, how the competition went, what the other competitors were like... anything??
tangocherie said…
The Tango Salon Finals were just last night (Stage tonight). Here's the list of winners:


Campeones: Sebastián Ariel Jimenez y Ma.Inés Bogado (Bs As, Argentina)

2º: Diego Ezequiel Pérez - Ma.Soledad Cantarini (Rosario, Argentina)

3º: Cristian Andrés López - Naoko Tsutsumizaki (Tokio, Japón)

4º: Ariel Manzanares - Daniela Sol Cerquides (Bs As, Argentina)

5º: Frank Carlos Obregon Delci - Jenny Carolina Gil Alvarez (Caracas, Venezuela)6 hours
Mark said…
I blogged about the first night of the finals here los finales (part 1) and about taking part in el campeonato here Tango World Cup

If I can scrounge a ticket for tonight's final of the stage category I'll post a report on that too.
Damian Thompson said…
Escenario Runners Up
Los segundos son : Cristian Correa & Manuela Rossi de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Los terceros son : Cristina Andres Lopez & Naoko Tsutsumizaki de Tokyo, Japon.
Los cuartos son : Leonardo Luizaga & Paola Giselle Luizaga de Zarate, Argentina.
Los quintos son : Eber Alejandro burger & Yesica Lorena Elias de Lanus, Argentina.

and the video of the Champs

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