Moving to Buenos Aires

Have you considered moving to Buenos Aires where you can tango amongst the milongueros every night of the week, take classes with your favourite teachers, listen to the music of the best tango orchestras in the world and make new friends in the tango mecca?  Many have. After all an Australian pension goes much further in Buenos Aires and if you can live without Sydney's beaches (I couldn't) and your family (I couldn't do that either) and if you are totally fed up with our political system given the weekend election debacle - it seems very attractive.
Cherie hails from Los Angeles and has lived in Buenos Aires for a number of years where she teaches tango and writes about her passion.... this has been her life and she has gone through numerous bureaucratic wrangles in order to stay there. But her latest blog posting is enough to make anyone who is considering making Buenos Aires home, think twice. The Argentinos are currently discouraging Aussies from coming and going from their country by slapping us with a $100US entry tax every time we cross back into the country, but this nothing compared to the hassles you may experience. So I post this for those who think it might be a good move...


Janis said…
Are you absolutely certain the entry tax is for every visit to Argentina? I've read that it is charged once and good for ten years.

One doesn't have to apply for residency. I have been living in BsAs for more than eleven years without dealing with it. I go to Uruguay by boat every three months for the afternoon to renew my visa.

I'm retired and living comfortably on my social security from the USA without the need to work. I'd be working if I was still in Chicago.
Yes Janis absolutely for those travelling on Australian passports! My partner is a travel agent and we were with a group in April, just after the tax came in. When we came back to Argentina after visiting Peru those travelling on Australian passports were required to pay the tax again! It may be only 10 years for Americans and it doesn't apply to those on British passports. I believe the entry tax to Chile lasts for 10 years for Australians.

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