What a difference a man makes

Last night (Thursday) I went dancing for the first time in about 10 days - health problems - and so I was very pleased to be able to go to one of my favourite venues. Copacabana in Bondi Junction is a basement venue that is used by salsa, zumba and zouk groups on other nights and often has a sticky floor. Last night is was clean and not crowded. It is a really friendly crowd, and friendly hosts - and the music is Golden Age. There are rarely swoopers or those who dance like helicopters and mostly people follow line of dance! I enjoyed dancing with a number of men (it also had even numbers of men and women, not common in Sydney) and it was great to dance precisely and musically with one of my a friends I shall call Taffy, to dance with a young Argentinian who feels the music and tests his partner and the floor, to milonga with a tall young man who threw in a few interesting moves that I didn't always quite follow and to waltz with  the Silver Fox. Every man has his style and women have such a different experience of the dance because they must follow each man. Occasionally the Silver Fox asks if I think his dancing is boring, should he learn new steps - but never he is very musical... it is just that he is experiencing it differently to the way his partners do. When  you dance tango there is so much to learn and every dance is different, even when you have a regular partner - and when you dance with different men, the difference is greater.


Louis said…

I am a little intrigued by this sentence in particular: "...who feels the music and tests his partner and the floor". What did you mean by that (the testing part)?
Hi Louis, I meant that he will experiment and that I find I cannot let my mind wander with the music if I am to follow. I always dance with my eyes closed and try to immerse myself in the music as well as feeling the connection with my partner.

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