Savvy - food and tango

Tonight I missed my favourite weekday milonga Tango Encanto at Copacobana because I had just got back from Byron Bay. A flying visit that involved feeling like a Melbourne tourist because I didn't take the right clothes - it was warm; staying indoors because it was not only too warm, but horribly windy; and enjoying the food and ambience at a great Japanese restaurant called Savvy Bar & Teppanyaki that is tucked away in Fletcher Street and deserves to be visited by everyone who goes to Byron (not least because it is run by the charming Sam who will give tango dancers a 10% discount.).
You can't dance tango if you don't eat! and I love my food - but it has to be good.
And so we segue into a tango - danced by the lovely Jennifer and her partner Chris at El Beso. This couple normally run the Copacobana milonga (they have left it in the Very Capable Hands of DJ Sonny and Katherine (an excellent baker of cakes another reason I am sorry we missed tonight). For those who don't know Jenny and Chris and for those who do - here is a video Jenny just posted on FB.


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