Secrets of a Good Dancer

A story in this morning's Sydney Morning Herald led me to the original story on the BBC on the secrets of a good dancer, thinking I might learn something. I am not in the market for a partner which is basically what this story is all about - a good male dancer is apparently a healthy specimen with good reproductive potential who is therefore the most attractive dancer to women.
Of course they weren't dancing tango - they were 'bopping' - but even so it made sense as one who has 'bopped' in their time that the men who moved their torso in a variety of fluid movements were more attractive to women than the men who twitched and lacked variety. Check out the link above for the video showing an avatar dancing in the 2 different styles.
So how does one translate this to tango? Here are my points on what, for me, makes a good tango dancer ...
- He is essentially musical - he moves in time to the music
- He connects with his partner and moves her effortlessly - and she responds because it is the natural thing to do
- He is a skilful dancer and makes different moves appropriate to the music.
- He is caring of his partner - he accommodates her, but he also stretches her ability.
- He doesn't bop, or twitch and his dancing is not repetitive.
- He is courteous.
Have I left anything out? - probably...let me know what you think


Delightful videos of what is not a good tango dancer on TangoAustralia, thanks to a clever Youtuber... I've made a couple of suggestions so watch out for some more!

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