Sydney's new Tango Festival greets visitors

Last night was Meet and Greet - the name given to last night's milonga to begin the first Sydney Salon Tango Festiva -  tonight it's the Welcome Milonga. It is great to see so many new faces - people from interstate and overseas who have come to be part of this Festival. I am sure that many new friends will be made and old friendships renewed. This is one of the great sides to a festival, it gives everyone - depending on their social skills and willingness - a chance to meet and dance with people outside their usual community.  Because of Sydney's appalling transport system, after about 10 pm it is hard to get anywere let alone home!  we, and many others, often find themselves taking visitors back to their accommodation - there has to be something good about this world-class city having a dysfunctional public transport system.
Sydney put on it's best face today apart from The Pollen Count - so hopefully most of our visitors will have had the opportunity to explore Bondi, where the Festival is based. . The sun has shone and though the temperature has dropped on the balmy days earlier this week, it has been a really fabulous spring day.  Today The Pollen Count  has been moderate - and I have had hay fever most of the day. I don't look good when I have hay fever - and some days I can't see where I am going for the sneezing! None of the otc medications work really well - I have tried them all. Tomorrow promises  low Pollen Count and I am off to the workshops! Tango and hay fever don't go together... so I am hoping an early night will bolster my energy levels and I'll be able to cope with the next 3 days.


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