Tango Championship Issues

Just read Tito Palumbo's critique of the Tango Championships in BA. I have serious concerns about how this can ever be run as a real competition, having been involved here in Australia and learnt about it as a franchisee! when that is what is was. Seems it has new and serious problems. Check it out on scribd


Janis said…
This is nothing new with the world tango championships. The judging isn't fair and money plays an important role in who wins. It is business for those involved.

Once again the Japanese company Min-On offered a two-month contract in Japan to the winners of the stage competition. That contract was worth $30,000USD in 2004. There is big money at stake. The couple who won has been performing in Japan. It seems likely that Min-On tells the championship organizers who they want to win. It's a done deal. The couple registered as being from Colon, Argentina although the woman is Japanese and they spend considerable time performing in Japan.

The top prize for the world tango championship in 2004 was 1,000 pesos; this year it was 20,000.

Yet a world competition has a tiny theater in San Telmo for the qualifying rounds. There are so many large theaters in the city that could be utilized and where the large audience could be accommodated comfortably.
Joe said…
I had the opportunity to attend to World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires, and the celebration was incredible, I had never seen something like that, People dancing in the street outside Punto de Encuentro, More than 180.000 people going to all the shows, a famous salsa singer singing tango, and other activities, were amazing things that made the 2010 Tango festival an historic celebration. This is a really good information I found about the festival http://ow.ly/2toMd and I must say that the Tango festival has something for everyone!

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