Tango Stage final - and the winners

Not sure what to write about the finals of the Tango Stage Championships 2010 that took place in Buenos Aires on 31st August. I have seen many stage tango performances, having been involved in organising the Championships here in Sydney for the first 3 years, and I find it more and more difficult to go Wow! so I feel that had I been present at the event with blogger Mark I would have had the same reaction. (ho-hum!).Read Mark's blog for a full account of the evening. Had I been there I would have hung around for the Orquesta Escuela de Tango as I am a big fan of theirs... sadly I have yet to find a youtube video of their performance.
I also feel a little sad after reading the comment posted by Janis on the post below, Viva Argentina, asserting that the couple who won the Salon Tango learnt from the 'right' teachers which guaranteed their win.
The stage winners are Diego Ortega and Chizuko Kuwamoto (Colón, Argentina)

So for those who are interested here is the Argentinian TV report on the winners of the Stage tango -


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