Viva Argentine Tango

My last post coincided with the finals of the Tango Championship, or World Cup as the Argentinians are now calling it, in Buenos Aires. Tango is definitely not dead - not that any of us believed it ever was, just that in my research amongst old newspapers on another project I occasionally come across some fascinating trivia!
400 couples from 23 countries competed for the crown of Salon Tango Champions and it was won by a young (very young) Argentinian couple. For me they don't have the passion of the older milongueros and while I can see they are enthusiastic and energetic and they clearly have tango in their blood, I would like to see the crown going to the experienced mature dancers.
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Here is a report from Argentinian television... see what you think!


Janis said…
I agree that an 18-year-old with very little experience is hardly deserving of a world title. He, like all champions for the past five years, studied with Carlos Perez. Sebastian Jimenez was chosen winner. Competitors from other countries should have figured out by now that they have to train with Carlos Perez or Mario Morales who have coached all the champions. It's not about how you dance, it's about training with the right coach who is part of the association who selects the judges and decides the winners.

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