A Tango hometruth

I had this copy sitting on my computer waiting for the right moment... which seems to be now as I have just discovered tangocynic on Youtube! He/she has obviously been round Tango for a while!

My least favourite tanguero ... is one man and many men, but he thinks he is among the best. He can be any age, but when he is a beginner he makes friends with the older women and asks them to dance. Many are happy to dance with a new man and will endure being stepped on and dancing out of time to the music in the expectation that when his man has improved, the dancing is good.
But this man is on his way up! He thinks. He is practising for the time when he feels that his dance floor skills are good enough to ask the lovely young things or the teachers.
My least favourite tanguero goes to workshops and classes with local and visiting teachers, he reads and researches tango and becomes, in his own eyes, an expert. He practises and he does improve. He takes a trip or more to Buenos Aires.
Once he considers himself ready he cuts himself off from the older women and those he has used to practise with. He does not ask them to dance. He does not talk to them – he no longer feels he needs to. He only goes to workshops if he has a woman as partner that is either better than he is, or he believes he can instruct her.
His ego is everything. He is not a very nice person!!

The good news is that every tango scene also has Very Good Dancers who are happy to ask women of any age to dance. These men are courteous, charming and musical. They may be teachers or just good dancers. They are confident in themselves. They ask you to dance with a glance (cabaceo), an extended hand or a request. They make you feel like a princess and at the end of the tanda you could quite easily go home – even if it is early in the night!


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