Travel tip offs

Before my partner became a travel agent I was greatly in favour of doing my own travel arrangements as much as possible. Little did I know of the possible traps but since he has become of a travel agent I have heard some awful stories of people whose holiday has been ruined by bad luck (mostly because they didn't use a travel agent!)Now  I would only do domestic flights online - nothing else. Why? Because apart from anything else
  • I don't want to find I have been ripped off by my landlord when I leave my apartment.I love to markets and enjoy the produce and to feel like I am part of the city. I also love to stay in a hotel when that suits.  See this forum on apartment Buenos Aires - which I just found and which is the reason I am writing this post! Who needs this type of hassle?
  • I want to be met at the airport by a guide holding up my name who then takes my bag and drops me tay in an apartment when I visit a city because it gives a chance to meet more locals, to shop, to visit the off at my accommodation - this is called an airport transfer and is mostly included in your hotel stay - or can be organised by your travel agent. I don't want to haggle with a taxi driver and pay more than I should or run the gamut of the trolley men who want to take my bag in return for a tip when I get off a plane after a long flight -
  • To be asked for $100 US at the airport because I am travelling on an Australian passport. This is cutely called a Reciprocity Tax - i.e. the Argentinians are charging Aussies because Australia charges Argentinians!  It's less if you travel on a Canadian passport, more if you travel on a US passport and nil if you have a British passport - how fair is that? And there is still the departure tax.
There's more but this will do for now!


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