Bandoneons in Bondi

There will be two! and an amazing tango orchestra led by Ignacio Varchausky, co-founder of Orquesta El Arranque, one of my favourite modern tango orchestras! and they will be here in Bondi Junction this Thursday... at a milonga. I am so excited - not just about the music but about the opportunity to dance to a real live top-notch tango band!
When this was suggested to us months ago I hoped that everyone in Sydney who loved tango would drop what they were doing and come and enjoy the night! but of course that is just a pipe-dream and there will be many who miss it for silly reasons and others who have obligations.  But those who come will I hope have a Tango Moment to Treasure.
Ignacio will be joined by virtuosic bandoneon player Santiago Polimeni, fresh from playing Piazzolla's "Maria de Buenos Aires" in Adelaide, and Fuego Blanco, who have just returned from intensive studying in Buenos Aires and a weekend of tango in Canberra with their teacher and bandoneon player, Maggie Ferguson. This band is truly inspirational and their musical talents prodigious.
It's at Copacabana, 195 Oxfors Street, Bondi Junction Mall, Thursday 11 from 8.45.
Entry is just $25 - you pay more for a Christmas milonga in this town!
You can still book if you are in town, though I am told places are filling fast and there is only a handful of seats left next to the dance floor - contact


Shayne said…
This sounds pretty amazing, though I think I'm doing something silly -going to the theatre.

I look forward to your post on the event.

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