Crazy floorcraft

In the last week a post from Chris of Tango Encanto on the Sydney Tango forum has highlighted the problem of bad floorcraft at the Sydney Tango Milonga at Concord RSL. This is not new and was brought to Sydney's attention when Javier Rodriguez made a comment about lack of floorcraft which was reported on the same forum.. Since the Concord milonga became popular dancing there can be a bit like riding a motorcycle in Ho Chi Minh traffic!
Last night I once again saw crazy floorcraft. This time it was on a much smaller floor and there no 'nuevo dancers' taking up large parts of the floor and swooping into every gap. Instead there were dancers who, totally oblivious to those around them. lifted their feet like they were wearing snow shoes and careened diagonally through the middle of the floor knocking into other dancers as they went. Every dance I had I was danced into, even when we were marking time! Most of these dancers came from two parts of Sydney and most looked they had learnt to dance tango from the internet - or never been to a class. But I know they have. So why are they not being taught floorcraft? Or are they just not listening?? It is a problem that won't just go away... what is the answer?


Janis said…
Dancers are taking classes, but they are really learning more from the visual examples on the internet and exhibitions where no one follows the line of dance because they have the entire floor to themselves.

Is it any wonder that what they see from teachers is what they do on the dance floor? Until teachers start dancing exhibitions as they would at a milonga, nothing is going to change.

Tango has become more popular as an "exhibition" dance than as a social one. And all those exhibitions at festivals and milongas are to impress dancers to sign up for privates, not to show how they would dance on a crowded floor.

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