Fuego Blanco - better every time

Sunday night was Tango night at Sydney's Victoria Room. The venue's atmosphere of a comfy drawing room from times gone by, was perfect for the wet and windy Sydney night. Golden table lighting and a friendly vibe added to the feeling that you had just popped into your great aunt's for an evening of music and company - and when Fuego Blanco started playing it was just about perfect. These young musicians are constantly striving to play better and better tango and every time I hear them I am impressed by their playing - Sunday was no exception.
I am not sure that Sydney's tango dancers realise just how lucky we are to have a group who are so keen to play good danceable tango music. As musicians they love Piazzolla, but they also want to play tangos for dancing.
The Victoria Room began to put on tango to draw people on a Sunday night and it is working. What better way to end the weekend - or start the week - than with a glass of good wine (much as I appreciate the role RSL's play in the dance scene, I find the wine mostly deplorable!) good company, a sophisticated old worlde ambience and excellent music.
I'm looking forward to the next one! and I'll be there DJ-ing again.
Meanwhile the night of November 11 with the opportunity to dance to Fuego Blanco joined by their teacher Maggie Ferguson on bandoneon - and the visiting musicians, Ignacio Varchausky from Orquesta El Arranque and virtuoso bandoneon player, Santiago Polimeni is a treat to be anticipated! You need to book if you want to join us for the one off opportunity - who knows when we will have 2 musicians of this calibre playing for tango dancers again??
Check out the details here... hope to see you on the night if you are in Sydney.
Photo: Fuego Blanco with bandoneon player, Maggie Ferguson in the Victoria Room.


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