Tango Music reaches new heights

What a night! The venue looked fantastic thanks to the work of Chris from Tango Encanto, the musicians played divinely and the crowd danced! It was everything we had hoped for and more.
Being given the opportunity to organise a milonga with such legends as Ignacio Varchausky from Orquesta El Arranque and bandoneon virtuouso Santiago Polimeni with Fuego Blanco and their mentor, Maggie Ferguson was fabulous and the organisers pulled out all stops to make it a night to remember.
The table of 12 from Newcastle were in awe, most had never seen a bandoneon before, let alone two played by such experts. Promoting the work of TangoVia and it's endeavours in preserving tango music for the future was also a focus of the night.
There is a chance there may be an opportunity to do it again next year! Meanwhile if you know of anyone who has a collection of old vinyl records with tango music on them - ask them to contact the Tango Digital Archive  - info@tangovia.org - they may have a tango recording that is yet to be discovered!
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