Christmas Milongas and Christmas prices

Tis the season to be jolly! And most of the time I don't find it difficult, but sometimes I feel the grumpy old lady coming out in me as I wonder why some of the milonga organisers think it is okay to thank dancers for their custom throughout the year by putting up their prices. Of course if they are offering their clients the bonus of a live tango band,  special performances by visiting dancers who have to be paid, or supper or a meal, or if their venue has put the price up on hiring the space, then of course they need to... but just because it is Christmas?
I haven't been to all the Christmas milongas I would like to because of this - the tango budget only goes so far.
A member of our family is visiting from the US and she tells us that in the US they just go from one festival to another - no sooner is Thanksgiving over, than it's Christmas, then Valentine's Day, then St Patricks Day, then Easter... and I've probably missed one or two I am wondering if they do milongas for each Festival Day - and if they do, do they put up the door price each time? I hope that Sydney's milongas don't go this way. It is great to have a theme occasionally, but it can be overdone - and it is possibly to price yourself too high for your clients (I'm watching this happen with another activity I do regularly - the price hike has made me cut back to 2 classes a week, from 3).
In the ideal world it would be good if all the milonga organisers saw their end of year milongas as a chance to thank their clients for their custom (as some do) - rather than an opportunity to put up their prices.
Enough of the grumpy old lady... thank you for reading Angelina's Tango Blog! I wish you
a Jolly Christmas, a Happy New Year - and lots and lots of great dancing. 


Shayne said…
I'm not sure what the average price of a milonga is, but ocean swimming is getting ridiculous. For the Cole Classis, it costs $49 for early birds and $59 for those who enter after early-bird cut-off date. The average cost of an ocean swim is now around $35-$40.

You've given me a blog post idea.
Merry Christmas you GOW (not Cow)!
Not sure I want to be a GOW anymore, don't like the acronym!
Average milonga is currently $20 on a Saturday and $15 on a week night, but recently we have seen $25 just because it's Christmas and $35 for a Saturday Christmas with live music. We only charged $25 in November when we had musicians from Argentina!
If there are two of you that's a whopping $70! It's creeping up.

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