Rain, wind and the tango drought

On Boxing Day night as we approached the Gladesville RSL for the Milonga de mis Amores, the black clouds hung low and a few heavy drops hit our windscreen. By the time we were inside it was pelting down... but I needn't have worried. Obviously 2 nights without tango meant that the wild weather couldn't keep the dancers away and we had a big happy crowd including visitors from New York, New Zealand, Cairns and Perth! It's a treat to have visitors at the milonga - to meet new dancers and hear about their tango.
Thank you to all those who complimented me on the playlist too! It is almost tempting to use it again (see post above!) but not next month - or even in the next 6 months, but I will at some point when no-one will remember!. It was interesting to see how the Hugo Diaz tanda late in the night wasn't popular, and how the canyengue a few tandas before was! I love it when the tables are empty and the floor is full! means I've got it right. And I was chuffed to get compliments from 2 DJs I respect.
Last night we danced on the tiled floor at a friend's house, there was no milonga in town and it was a delightful evening of good company, good food and a bit of dancing... somewhat hard on the feet and the hips, but good nonetheless.
The tango drought will be over by this weekend - starting with the big New Year's Eve milonga with guest dancers Jorge Dispari and Maria Carmen - which I won't attend as I hate fighting the traffic across the Giant Coathanger (or under it) on NYE. Milongasare back on most nights though I am intrigued by the tango schools that take almost as much time off over the summer holidays as the schoolkids and imagine that they have such dedicated followers that they don't need to worry about time away though there is a new tango school starting up with classes in the city and on the outskirts...


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