When two won't tango

Our recent milonga with the visiting musicians from Buenos Aires went extremely well - we worked with Tango Encanto who already had a milonga on the night the musicians were in town and everyone was happy! No-one was out of pocket, no one felt rebuffed and the Sydney tango community got a great night.
But this is rare on the Sydney tango scene. Sydney tango schools are bit like the drivers on Sydney's roads - it's every man/woman for him/herself and woe betide anyone who gets in the way. Last weekend was a one example. There are two regular milongas - then the annual festival held in the southern highlands moved it's weekend to the same weekend - and then another school announced a milonga out of the blue - and there was a milonga in Newcastle (an hour and half drive away). At this time of year there are plenty of other reasons for people not to tango, so each event suffered!  There just aren't enough tangueros and I frequently hear people saying why can't the schools work together? It's not just can't - it's also won't sadly - for some it's every tango school for themselves. Some years back a tango teacher set up a yahoo group so schools could communicate their plans - no-one uses it! and this teacher left town!
I have just been told about another event that is being held in the regular venue of one of Sydney's tango schools, but without their involvement... so here we go again! Confusion among the punters, unhappy organisers and maybe, just maybe a competitive event from those who have been snubbed??
In Sydney it doesn't take to two to  tango - just one it seems - and two or three to feel offended!


the box girl said…
I am under the impression that the annual bundanoon event has always been held on the same week end in november, the fourth one. so it didn't really change week end. in the past a few teachers have come for at least one of the events. it is a pity that the schools can't find it in their hearts to support this once a year event.
As part of TangoAustralia I would love to support Bundanoon (and we did with a story on TangoAustralia) but we only do one milonga a month and it is not possible to move it. Also Bundanoon was held on the 3rd weekend in 2008 http://tangoaustralia.com.au/home/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=266&Itemid=150
when our milonga was started - and I am pretty sure that this is the first year it has been on the 4th. So we have dilemma!

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