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Sydney better than Los Angeles.

Today I have spent about 5 hours in a car, in traffic, driving north to Malibu and back. It was an essential trip, not one for pleasure, and I went along for the drive. This is not the first time I have taken the drive - the last was around 14 years ago - so the scenery was not a surprise. But it was a reminder. A reminder of how beautiful our beaches are and how when you run a road right up against the sand in a desert landscape it is hot! even with air conditioning. Add to that the traffic jam - more like clog - and you find yourself making odious comparisons. Earlier in the day I had checked out the L.A. milonga calendar. I may not have time to go dancing (though of course I packed my tango shoes) but I thought I would see what was on. I found a website called tangoinla and assume (as that is the assumption most would make) that it lists all the milongas. If it does I am surprised. Surprised that L.A. has a smaller tango scene than Sydney - Sydney has at least 2 every night and mor