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Follow up on Los Angeles and tango

Thanks for your comment on my last post Cherie - of course Sydney is my home town so I love it (and its faults, though you wouldn't think it had any if you've read today's Sydney magazine !) I didn't get to tango, though a friend emailed me with details of a milonga he had been to the week before, it was such a short time with my daughter and she doesn't tango. And if she did I would never get any dances! (see pic). And I didn't get to like L.A. any more, but if my daughter makes her home there I will have to spend more time there so I guess I will have to learn to find out about the good things about Tinsel Town. We certainly ate at some great restaurants (food was much better than I remember) and the people she introduced me to are delightful. So, you never know... Back in Sydney for a few days then off to South America - and am planning to write a daily diary on this blog - but before that we have our Milonga de Mis Amores at Gladesville on Saturday March 2