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Back to Buenos Aires - and back to Sydney

Our last 2 days in Peru were spent in Urubamba - where we explored the town and found a great restaurant... there are Pisco Sours and Pisco Sours - and these were good! as was the food. On the last day we shopped in Cuzco and visited Saqsayhuaman , a pre-Inca site, and one on the scale of the other Inca sites we have visited. We also shopped and bought ourselves - and our friends and families - baby Alpaca woollen garments at bargain prices. We were also treated to a superb meal at a world-class restaurant in the Museum of Pre-Colombian Art. A few years ago when we first visited Cuzco, such a restaurant did not exist, nor did the bustling traffic. It is now a really busy tourist centre, but it still retains its character, which was very obvious from the window of our hotel where we looked the crowded tiled roofs and busy lives of the local inhabitants. It was sad to leave but our short stay soon ended and we headed back to Buenos Aires for one night before boarding our plane back to

Inca sites, Machu Picchu - Peru is a walker's paradise

It's three days since I've written! We arrived in Cuzco, travelled to our hotel in Yucay - did our best to acclimatise and set off next day for the Inca sites of Moray - where archeaologists have unearthed huge rings of horticultural terraces, used by the Incas to test the climate tolerance of plants; the salt mines at Maras - once again a huge terraced slope this time of salt pans and Ollantaytambo (pictured) - the mind-boggling Inca kingdom of the Emperor Pachacuti. I can't do justice to the Inca empire in this blog - suffice it to say that they have to be seen to be believed, the Incas had a great understanding of the natural world and engineering. The highlight of the trip for every traveller is of course Machu Picchu. We devote 2 days to travelling to Agua Calientes, the town that feeds tourists up to the site, and set off early by bus to the rail depot at Ollaytaytambo. Seven years ago when I previously visited Machu Picchu one caught the train directly from Cuzco a