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Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup

The Tango Championship changes its name every year - this year it is called Festival y Mundial 2010 which the organisers have translated as Buenos Aires Festival and Dance World Cup - and it's begun in Buenos Aires with the first rounds being held last Thursday at El Arranque. If you are interested check out the website . There is no Australian competition this year so if you would like to compete you will have to go to Buenos Aires to enter. If you don't want to enter the Championship but would like to enjoy Buenos Aires when many of the best dancers from Argentina and around the world are in town, plus take advantage of the many free tango events - and make the most of the Aussie dollar while it is still 3 to the peso! then August is the time to be there.

Raising the tango bar

Yesterday was a day of tango for me, a tango workshop in the afternoon, a milonga in the evening. After our trip to Buenos Aires with the opportunity to watch the locals dance and do a workshop with difference I have come home determined to improve my tango - and my stamina(so more yoga and more walking too). For some time now I have just enjoyed the social side of tango and improving my knowledge of the music and have not really worked on improving my dance - there is only so much time. The workshop I did yesterday was very different to the one I did in BA but both were focussed on technique. While in BA I saw all standards of dance from beginner to beautiful! but I did not see any helicopter dancing (see below). Since returning I have been to a few Sydney milongas and it has sharpened my awareness of the dance styles and standards of Sydney dancers - and we have some good dancers here. Yesterday's workshop opened my eyes to what I had been noticing but had not really taken on