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Newsletters for Tango dancers

Beginning of the month and we do our best to get the TangoAustralia newsletter out today... and it's done! So check it out when it goes online tomorrow if you don't subscribe (though it's free, no strings attached). There's lots happening now in Australia and more coming in the second half of the year... if you have news you would like other tangueros to know about, please email me - Tangocherie has the July issue of Diostango available for download. Then there's an update just out from BA Tango. The original 'what's on in Tango in BA' magazine has just put out an update so if you are going to BA soon, check it out on scribd.

Teaching tango

Because I run a milonga once a month and get involved in other tango events I am often asked if I teach tango. The answer is no. I have been dancing tango socially for around 10 years and feel that I still have a long way to go because I don't devote a huge amount of time to practise and because I started fairly late in life. But that is not the reason I don't teach - I don't teach tango for a number of reasons but I should I be tempted I would not do so unless I had qualifications as a dance teacher. There are many who visit Buenos Aires for a few weeks, or months, take lessons during their stay and return to Australia and open up a tango school. And there are a few who don't even do that before they feel they are good enough to teach tango. This is possible because there are no recognised credentials so it is a free for all. Winning competitions and awards, even practising every day, does not make a dance teacher. Of course there are those who are natural teachers an