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Personal space and tango etiquette

I read Irene and Man Yung's tango blog with interest - and frequently amazement that they say what they do and can still dance tango! I would not have the temerity to be so blunt! however much of what they say is so true and their latest posting on territory has me thinking about the milonga tomorrow night at Concord RSL . Only when Sydney has a 5th Saturday in the month - and occasionally at Christmas is there just one milonga on for the night - it is a 5th Saturday tomorrow and so Concord is it! Last time I went I did not enjoy the music (live) or the DJ and then there was the problem with floorcraft! but this weekend Fuego Blanco (the young musicians from the SYO and the Con) will be playing so I am venturing into this territory again. Which brings me to floorcraft. This is usually a crowded dance floor and maybe it is the shape of the floor, or maybe it is just bad tango etiquette, but line of dance was a hit and miss thing at the last Concord milonga I attended. There was a

Tango Fire interview on ABC Radio National

Tango Fire are in town - if you read this blog you'll know this already. Check out this interview on Radio National