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Sydney's clever tanguera

A few years ago - and it can't be many because she is very young - a beautiful and talented young lady (and that she is) joined the Australian tango scene as a beginner. Of course she instantly caught the eye of the men and she could have taken a few lessons and continued to be asked to dance, but she has taken it further. She has fallen completely and totally in love with the dance and the music. She has taken many classses, practised and immersed herself in the music to the point that she is now DJing at a weekly milonga. Now she has started to write a blog all about tango - and she does it very well. (This is not meant to sound patronising, as a magazine editor for 20 years I saw some awful unedited copy and her copy is excellent). Her latest post is about the escapism of tango - and she uses the waltz 'Desde El Alma' to illustrate her point. It helps considerably that she speaks fluent Spanish, but the point she makes about tango being an escape from life is so true.

A great band but what about the playlist

Last night Fuego Blanco Sydney's youngest and most enthusiastic tango orchestra performed for Sydneysiders to dance to. And they did an admirable job. Just back from Buenos Aires where they continued their studies with the Escuela de Tango they played music that was enjoyable to dance to. When they played Piazzolla's Libertango they acknowledged that it wasn't a piece many liked to dance to, but they played it with a passion that kept the dance floor moving and won them applause. I can't wait to hear them again next Sunday at the Victoria Room. There is tango to dance to, tango to listen to and tango for those who ride in lifts! The first is the tango that dancers want to hear - and there is a wealth of music from the Golden Age of tango music. G enerally thought of as the period from the mid 1930s to the end of the 1940s, dozens of orchestras performed and recorded the the tango music that was being danced in the milongas around Buenos Aires.  In the past two decades