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A fine and dandy Festival

If like me you missed the Milongueando Festival that has just finished in Buenos Aires you'll enjoy reading Jenny Wood's account. Jenny is one of the principals of Sydney school Tango Encanto and  this year she accompanied a group of Aussies to this unique festival that celebrates the Milongero. Taking place over a week at the beautiful Mansion Dandi Royal Hotel in San Telmo - which I was privileged to have a tour of earlier this year - this intimate festival is fast becoming a must for those who love the tango of the milongueros. You can read Jenny's account here - and, if like me, it is top of your must-do's for tango you will want to watch out for next year's festival. Maybe I'll see you there! I took these photos in the Dandi Royal in April.

She ain't heavy - she's my partner

My partner suffers from back pain - and sometimes also from shoulder pain - and he is not alone. I have spoken to other men who have these problems - and there are many, young and old. About 1 in 10 people will experience shoulder pain in their lives according to Arthitis Victoria - and dancers, with gymnasts, are high up in the group of people who will experience back pain. When a man tells me he doesn't dance as much as he would like to because so many of the women can't hold their balance, or are heavy, then it does not surprise that dancers have a high incidence of back - and shoulder - pain. The diagram, left, from Tango and Chaos in Buenos Aires (a fascinating website) - shows how bad posture affects a man's lower back - holding the head forward is just as painful as bending the back. In yoga we are told to stand in tadasana and pretend a string from the top of our head is pulling us gently towards the ceiling... and in tango maintaining this posture is the way to av