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Secrets of a Good Dancer

A story in this morning's Sydney Morning Herald led me to the original story on the BBC on the secrets of a good dancer , thinking I might learn something. I am not in the market for a partner which is basically what this story is all about - a good male dancer is apparently a healthy specimen with good reproductive potential who is therefore the most attractive dancer to women. Of course they weren't dancing tango - they were 'bopping' - but even so it made sense as one who has 'bopped' in their time that the men who moved their torso in a variety of fluid movements were more attractive to women than the men who twitched and lacked variety. Check out the link above for the video showing an avatar dancing in the 2 different styles. So how does one translate this to tango? Here are my points on what, for me, makes a good tango dancer ... - He is essentially musical - he moves in time to the music - He connects with his partner and moves her effortlessly - an

Don't fly down to Rio

With a partner in travel I frequently get travel news over the breakfast table and this morning was no exception. Qantas it seems is considering flying to Rio de Janiero instead of to Buenos Aires because more people want to go there. Now at the risk of sounding like an ad for our national airline, this will be a great disappointment to me. Having flown four times with Argentina's national carrier it is an experience I never want to repeat - it felt like flying in a leaky cardboard box! Also this year we flew with the flying kangaroo and it was extremely comfortable. Plus which it takes much less time than stopping off in Auckland - or going via Santiago in Chile which is the other alternative. So I am writing this to encourage anyone intending to visit Argentina from Australia in the immediate future to book with Qantas - and encourage them to keep flying direct from Sydney to BA!! And while I'm plugging away I may as well include a plug for Travel Choice - email travel@trave