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Anticipating Tango

Just a few days before Sydney has it's first ever Sydney Salon Tango Festival with Big Name Dancers here to run workshops, perform, perform, perform and regular dancers like me suffer milonga overdose! Am looking forward to it... the only regret being that I would also love to be at Tango in Spring in Canberra which is on at the same time. Once upon a time in another life I wrote about gardens and flowers for a living and visiting Canberra at this time of year is famous for Floriade, a truly gorgeous display of spring flowers, gardens and a celebration of spring... a bonus for those visiting our national capital. And I  am looking forward to the next couple of months as well. Have been working on a project for October that will bring a new element to the Sydney tango scene - which came together on the weekend! Then in November we will be the beneficiaries of two fabulous musicians from Buenos Aires who will be here to teach our young tango musicians more about the music of their