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Cortinas and the tango playlist

Cortinas (short grabs of music) have become a tradition at milongas that allow dancers to change partners - or take a break between sets of tango music. For me the cortina music needs to be in the mood. I like to play cortinas that come from the same period as the tango music but are from a different genre - they don't have to be recordings from that period, butsongs from that period... and I like to play cortinas that match the theme of the evening. This weekend we are doing our Blue Tango milonga - last year's was enormously popular so we are doing it again! And I have chosen songs about blue - blue eyes, blue skies, being blue... for the cortinas with songs with blue in them for the playlist. Last month we had a full moon so we used songs about the moon... 'Moondance' sung by Van Morrison,  Fats Waller singing 'By the Light of the Silvery Moon' and Rod Stewart singing 'Moonglow' ... and dotted throughout the playlist were songs about the moon, such a