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Not my tango journey

One of Sydney’s popular young tangueras is currently visiting Buenos Aires  - you may have found her blog as it is listed here. Bora’s tango journey is fascinating – and from a totally different perspective to my own, or that of many people I know. Bora is the same age as my daughter so we are talking generations here but there are other things… For a start Bora speaks fluent Spanish and she is very confident of her own abilities and her presence.  I notice this in my daughter and her friends – they have a confidence given to them by our generation of parents who believed in building them not putting them down as we were by our parents. And Bora is visiting milongas as a beautiful, young single woman, though she does know people who are in Buenos Aires at the same time, and she is keen to practise the cabaceo (the technique of accepting dances by a look and nod across the room, not by being asked). And practise it she is with a confidence that has had some devastating consequences