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Learning from Bora

I have been away from tango this weekend so just spent an hour reading Bora's Tango Journey.   Her honesty about her experiences in lessons with a wide range of tango teachers and her determination to improve her dancing is inspirational. And her experiences with the rakes of tango is great reading - though I have to confess it makes me very happy that I am not a single woman - young or old - in the tango scene. And even if I was I would be sure to attend milongas with a group of friends, male and female. Much of what she describes is part of the dating/mating game. This is not peculiar I have just been having a cup of tea with my daughter (26) while she tells me about the wedding she went to last night and how hard it is to find a good man! If you are not already clued into Bora's blog and want an inside look at the Buenos Aires tango scene, bookmark it now - it may give you some misgivings, but you will surely learn a great deal.