Sweaty Tango - getting personal

We've had the longest hot spell on record in Sydney - and in some venues the air-conditioning had failed or simply couldn't cope! It makes for hot sweaty dancing (see previous post) but it shouldn't make for wet tango. Recently I have had a couple of what I can only describe as wet tandas. My partner was not just perspiring it felt as though he had just got out of the shower...
I know some of us sweat more profusely than others and for these people it is a problem...but if it happens to be you don't you think it might be kind to your dance partners to bring along a couple of clean dry shirts - and a packet of wipes? Usually these wipes will not only remove the sweat but leave your skin feeling dry and it is so much nicer for your partner. When a man is very wet! it definitely detracts from the pleasure of the dance...


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