My daughter is ''dancing' with the stars

Not a great fan of DWTS (as I believe it is referred to by those involved!) but I will be watching the US version on youtube if I can, because my daughter has been working on it. I am not a celebrity watcher and have only heard about one of two of the 'stars' on this year's program (apparently the celebrity watchers were not impressed with the line up!). Having spent a couple of weeks learning ballroom (and coming out with only the cha-cha-cha and the slow waltz) I have great respect for these people who learn complicated dances in a very short time.
My daughter is not dancing in the show ... though she was a dancer for a number of years and she tells me that being involved with this project has made her want to go back to it.   She has always resisted learning Argentinian tango - because it is my thing! - but I know she would love it if she ever did.
This a clip from last year's US DWTS of Jennifer Grey, dancing to La Cumparsita - though I knew her as the star of 'Dirty Dancing' (when she was 27!) I had no idea she was now 50 - and she certainly doesn't look it. I am not surprised that she won!


Unknown said…
Mum! Beautiful clip and words! It really has reignited my love of dance and I can't wait to come to some Tango with you and Dad in Sydney.. Really!

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