Old tango friends

Last night we took ourselves to one of the Sydney's most popular milongas and probably the best dance floor in town - Marrickville Hard Tennis Club. (yes a tennis club with a great dance floor, you never know where you will find them). This milonga is run by Tango Entre Amigos, one of Sydney's well established schools and generally it is crowded - last night was no exception.
DJ was Anthony from Tango Spirit. Anthony's music is generally fantastic, he is committed to the Golden Age, though at times he plays tandas where the performance is all about the singer not the dancer. One of my partners and two of the men at my table find it very difficult to lead to this music and I, for one, find it hard to follow. There is such a huge choice of tango music - as we learnt last year there are 20,000 recordings in regular use and about another 80,000 still to be passed on, and it is the DJ's job to make sure that all the music is danceable. As a DJ I have made the mistake of playing music because I though it would make a 'nice change' - generally this doesn't work!
We we also treated to two performances. One by Sonny and Katherine, a beautiful young couple, who dance very precisely togethyer and gave 2 delightful performances. And the other by Nelson and Liz, an older couple who have recently moved to BA and are here on holidays - they danced canyengue and dedicated it to a dear tango friend, Sandi, who is gravely ill.
There was a really friendly atmosphere last night - and it is comforting to feel that the tango crowd has a strong bond and that old friends matter!


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