Pot calling Kettle Black

My mum passed away in October and among other things she left me with is a legacy of her old sayings and words she concocted when she didn't have one for the occasion. One of these was 'pot calling kettle black' a comment she frequently used when someone criticised another for things they do themselves. Last night at the Milonga de Mis Amores I committed such a thing... I played 2 tandas that the dancers told me they found undanceable! (regular readers will remember that I criticised another DJ for playing undanceable music last week) One of my mistakes was a tanda of De Mare milongas... particular 'Chatero De Aquel Etonces' and 'Senores, Yo Soy El Centro' which I put with 'La Esquina' - a milonga I love. "Garbled rhythmn" was one comment. Point taken. The other was a tanda of Gobbi - 'Orlando Goni', 'A Media Luz' and 'Racing Club' - all favourites but not apparently when recorded by Gobbi for this dancer - though another told me how much he liked dancing to Gobbi!  Apart from that I think it was a great playlist! I like it when my dancers let me know what they do and don't like... though it just goes to show how hard it is to get it right.
I am really pleased that an article we posted on the TangoAustralia website called 'Music Maketh the Milonga' has at the time of writing had 2239 visits... not bad considering it was posted just a month ago. It is just a simple story about how much I have learnt - and how much I still have to learn about putting together playlists for milongas - and how important it is! I enjoy putting playlists together so muchso that  I'd love to run a milonga every week, but Sydney already has a crowded milonga calendar... so for the time being I will concentrate on monthly at Gladesville RSL.


Anonymous said…
Like the other day when I was asked not to play post '55 tango by ONE person. When I said, would they like to DJ instead, more than happy as the only reward I get to spend a couple hours each week to prepare a playlist is free entry, there was mute silence.

You sometimes wonder!!!

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