What's happening - and not happening in tango in Oz

We've just posted the latest TangoAustralia newsletter on the website...

This newsletter is a round up of what is coming in the rest of 2011. Of course there will be more - and some may not happen, but it will whet your tango appetite and help you to plan your holidays...
Already there are a number of tango teachers coming back to Australia to workshop with their followers, old and new; Joaquin Amenabar, a favourite already with many Australian tango lovers will visit us twice - performing and workshopping; the line-up is out for both the New Zealand tango festival in Wellington in June and the Sydney Salon Tango Festival later in the year and this is just a start.
Of course there will be more teachers and musicians touring and workshopping - TangoAustralia will again do our utmost to bring you all the news - we rely on the tango community to tell us about their events
It is great to have teachers, performers and musicians visiting and most are the nicest people, but it is definitely worth reading TangoCherie's latest posting on tango celebrities. Thanks Cherie for putting it in perspective.
As well a couple of big events that have been on the tango calendar appear to be cancelled - or postponed... but that seems to be the way in tango!
You can read the newsletter on the website and please contact me if there is something you'd like us to add.


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