Music for dancing and music for the DJ

Music maketh the milonga - is the title of a piece we posted on TangoAustralia last month and once again this past weekend I was reminded of how the music can make or break the milonga for dancers.
 I went to one milonga where the music was excellent and the dancers filled the floor - highlights including an excellent Di Sarli tanda , a fantastic Donato milonga tango with the great 'Sacale Punta', the superb 'Poema' leading off a beautiful Canaro tanda - and at least 2 great rhythmical D'Arienzo tandas. It didn't matter that there was a little candombe, and a couple of tandas that didn't urge me to dance - that's par for the course.
Then I went to another milonga where there were only 2 milonga tandas all night and only 2 waltz tandas, and for me, no memorable tango tandas. The most memorable thing about one milonga tanda was the way it opened with a very fast candombe, then went to a obscure milongas which were not complimentary to the first - I feel that milonga needs to build up with the slower songs coming first.
You can have too much tango when it all starts to sound the same~and the tandas are rather long - a comment made by at least 2 people at my table. Raucous cortinas that were at a greater volume than music for dancing didn't help either. To my mind this DJ was not playing for the punters but for themselves. The danger with this type of DJing is that people don't come back, something my companions were discussing!


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