A Tango Treat for Easter from TangoEncanto

If you missed Thursday night's TangoEncanto milonga then you missed a delightful Easter treat! No it wasn't chocolate, though there were certainly chocolate eggs for everyone... it was a fantastic tango danced by Chris Condron and Jennifer Wood, principles of Tango Encanto
The first time I ever saw good tango dancers take tango to a different dimension with some very clever humour was Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores in Buenos Aires in 2003. It was fabulously entertaining as well as great dancing.
On Thursday night, Jenny and Chris performed the 'Chicken Tango' with the same passion, humour and skill. The music was written by one of Australia's alternative bands who perform in nightspots for those in the know such as Quirkz. Bordering on the burlesque this delightful piece was totally suited to the theatrical side of both these dancers - and the fact that Jenny is pregnant made her chicken even more believable.
So if you missed it I'm sorry! because it was absolutely delightful, the audience adored it and we can only hope that they can persuaded to repeat the performance soon! 
TangoEncanto's Thursday milonga is held weekly at the Woollahra Golf Club in Sydney's well-heeled Eastern Suburbs. It is an elegant venue with a good wooden dance floor, a bar with snacks nearby and airconditioning. There is parking at the door. Jenny is the DJ and she plays the Golden Age favourites in a great danceable mix. So get along on Thursday nights - you never know you may be treated to a totally unexpected, and absolutely delightful, performance!


This little chicken (a boy) hatched on Wednesday 15 June! to a Biagi waltz and Canaro's Poema.

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