Ash Cloud gets in way of Wellington's Tango

Wellington's Tango Festival is wonderful - but this year the elements have got in the way and the Ash Cloud from the Chilean volcano has stopped flights from Australia to New Zealand for many. There was a little window earlier in the week... but not it looks like many won't make it. Soooo disappointing.

Here is the latest from the Festival organisers who earlier in the week announced that Federico and Ines were unable to make their flight...
"There is some unfortunate news, Carlos and Maria and Alicia Pons have been turned back because of the developments in New Zealand, they are now stuck in Santiago and we have no more options to try to get them here for the festival. Believe me they and we have tried everything.

Alicia's post festival course has been cancelled, there is the possbility to switch to Fabio and Ana's course however, if you wish to do this please email us or we can sort it out when you are here. There will be a refund for this course, which we will organise after the festival.

The teachers who are here, and teachers coming over from Australia have been amazing and have stepped in to fill in the gaps in the festival programme so we still have a full schedule.
Sophia and Pedro, Karina and Fabian, Fabio and Ana, Alberto Cortez and Cecilia and Somer and Anibel [Anibal] and Hosanna are all teaching workshops and extra workshops to cover.

If your flight is delayed and you get in late we will put you in other workshops, we will also make any changes you want to your programme when you arrive."


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