Good Floorcraft and Beautiful Dancing

I'm not writing this just to balance the earlier post about floorcraft - I am writing it so that those who don't dance in Sydney, Australia - and those who do - know that we are capable of good floorcraft. Last night I went to a milonga held on one of the most beautiful floors in Sydney. The Bexley RSL has a parquet ballroom floor which has been kept in excellent condition and it is beautiful to dance on. (Visiting teacher Anibal Montenegro remarked on it to me - and I am sure he's seen some great floors!)
And the floor flowed with some very elegant and precise dancing, not just from Anibal and his Sydney partner Hosanna but also from some of Sydney's good dancers, who were clearly enjoying the music of resident DJ, Pedro. Even the boleos I saw executed were done with elegance and the multiple enrosques did not slow up the line of dance. I am a bit wary of complimenting any one dancer after reading Irene and Man Yung's blog on compliments! So suffice it to say that last night the floor dynamics worked well and I did not see one woman limp away after being kicked or one man scowl at the other dancers around him!
Good floorcraft is like good driving, it requires skill and concern for others on the floor/road - and that is what we saw last night.


Dear Angelina,

We think that Sydney tangueros will not let any compliment go to their heads, so don't worry about any negative repercussions about giving them compliments!

(Wait a moment, is this a compliment on the compliment-worthiness/receptiveness of Sydney tangueros?)

We are just kidding! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful Sydney moment in Tango!

Irene and Man Yung

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