Tango in Wellington, NZ, given reprieve from the volcanic ash

Apart from the daily news I have been getting a blow by blow account of how the volcanic ash cloud from the volcano in Chile is affecting air travellers from the Silver Fox, who is a travel agent - and has a few clients heading off to Wellington next week for the New Zealand Tango Festival. He was hugely relieved to tell me last night that flights have resumed  - and so of course are the organisers. It is a fabulous festival - I'm not going this year, though I wish I was - apart from the great tango, it is superbly organised and the Kiwis are so friendly. We wish them well! and hope that there are no more disasters to get in the way - the New Zealanders have had more than their fair share.
Flights in and out of South America have also been disrupted and Qantas cancelled flights last week - I believe that their flights remain under review, though other airlines are flying again after 10 days of chaos.
Last year we visited Patagonia - it is such a beautiful, clean wilderness - or was - it is hard to imagine it covered in volcanic ash... though there are plenty of youtube videos showing it.


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