Hosanna shines

I first saw Hosanna Heinrich dance at the Club de Tango milonga at Sydney's Glebe Town Hall, probably seven or eight years ago! She had just returned from her first visit to Buenos Aires and she shone in a quiet, elegant way. She was outstanding among Sydney dancers, and, in 2007, together with her partner Federico, she won the Australian Tango Championship.
Hosanna has come a long way since then, running her own tango school in Sydney, hosting workshops and teaching at international festivals. She has just returned from New Zealand where she taught and danced with Argentinian teacher Anibal Montenegro - and where I hear they did a brilliant job helping to fill in for the teachers from Argentina who couldn't make it because of the Chilean ash cloud.
This is a video from that Festival


Anonymous said…
Fot those followers addicted to adornments look at Hosanna and do as she dose,please,pretty please.

David G

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