Ask a stranger to dance - please

This is a plea to Sydney's tangueros! Here we are in the middle of a Festival that has brought tangueras from far and wide and we really need to show them a touch of how friendly Sydneysiders can be. This is not Buenos Aires - it is Sydney - and we have some of the best tango dancers here teaching us - and performing for us and a wonderful opportunity to embrace the community.
Last night a visiting tanguera, who is a beautiful dancer, told me sadly that she would love to dance with some of the men she did not know - but that they did not seem to be asking! And a FB friend remarked that last year Sydneysiders were noticeable in their cliquishness! and his friends weren't going this year because of it!
So I am hoping that some of the men are reading Angelina as they get ready for tonight's milonga - with the bandoneonist Joaquin Amenabar and his musicians - and will ask a stranger for a dance...


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