Fabian and Lorena are coming to Sydney

And I can't wait! These two are superb dancers and excellent teachers. They will be here for the fundraiser - The Milonga Para Los Niños on Sunday September 26 (the day after our Milonga de Mis Amores at Gladesville) and will be staying here for almost 2 weeks so they can be part of the faculty of the Sydney Tango Salon Festival. . We have published a brief interview with both Fabian and Lorena - which we did by email a couple of weeks ago - on TangoAustralia. . If you are still wondering whether you will come to the Festival - or do any workshops - consider the opportunity to see and learn from these two remarkable dancers. Below is a video of a performance at Club Sunderland, one of Buenos Aire's most well-known milongas. Here they are dancing to the absolutely beautiful 'Invierno' played by Francisco Canaro with cantor Roberto Maida.


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