Sydney - a town of tango cynics?

Sunday night was a horrible night - weatherwise. The temperature dropped something like 16 degrees (C), it was windy and wet - and the previous day it had been a balmy, sunny spring day... great for the charity running the Stay in Bed all day fundraiser, but not great for the Milonga Para Los Ninos fundraiser. Just over 70 people turned up for the event held at the Marrickville Hard Court Tennis Club which has one of the best dance floors in Sydney.
The door price was a bit high too - is that the reason barely half the number turned up as came last time Sydney did this event? Noticeable in their absence were a few of the bigger tango schools and a couple of the smaller ones (though one, A Little Buenos Aires had the flu, so their absence is understandable,  where was the school run by one of Sydney's one-time tango champions?)
Organising a tango event for charity has a mixed reception in Sydney and this event showed just how cynical Sydneysiders can be - even when two of the world's top tango dancers (Fabian Peralta and Lorena Ermocida) are dancing...


Lurch said…
The Para Los Ninos Milonga was unashamedly and very clearly advertised as a fund-raiser for a great cause. The door price was therefore perfectly appropriate for such an event.

However, I think a short display from even a fabulous tango couple near the end of the night is hardly enough of a drawcard for such an event. Last year there were performances by teachers, including a fun one by Chris and Pedro as I recall. There needs to be more of that sort of thing. And earlier in the night, so more people turn up earlier, instead of wandering in past the - "box office", late - and then there's more raffle ticket selling opportunity!! ;-)

The raffle and prizes are a given; the sellers did a good job selling them (though it was a softer sell than last year!) and the prizes were worthwhile ... however, a few of the raffle prizes went to people (eg teachers and organisers) to obviously didn't really need them - those who were there will know what I mean - and none of these went back into the hat as I would have expected.

Actually, it looked like more than 70 people to me, but perhaps that number doesn't include the teachers and guests, who were numerous. It probably doesn't include those people who just wandered in fashinably late, either.

If attendance was down on last year, I'd say it was due to general hip pocket fatigue.

That's my take on it, anyway.

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