Elegant - and not elegant - tango dresses

Could someone tell me why the short tight club dress is being worn for tango performances? Perhaps they could also explain why some tangueras dress as if they are doing a latin ballroom performance, or even worse are working as a nightclub entertainer? Dresses that look as though they are held together by safety pins, or there is so little of them that not much is left to the imagination, detract from the performance.
And this is not just the opinion of  an older woman. The men around me at the last performance where a little tube dress, not much bigger than a large headband, rode up the performer's legs until her crotch was visible, cringed. So unnecessary. She was a very attractive woman with a superb partner, she did not need to wear such a dress. She also found herself hitching up the top part and tugging down the hem at the end of the first performance - not a good look!
A few nights before we had witnessed a performance by another tanguera wearing a similar dress - so tight that it looked like she had grown into it - and also tugging at it to keep it in place at the end of her performance.
Some tangueras wear tight, short, tube dresses to milongas  - perfect for a night clubbing - unattractive on the milonga floor.
A beautiful tango performance deserves a beautiful dress. A beautiful dress flows with the performer, it allows for elegant high voleos, it doesn't end just below her bottom and it isn't so skimpy over the torso that it leaves nothing to the imagination.
Elegance is worth aspiring to at any time - especially when you are presenting yourself to the tango community as a performer.


Elena said…
I perfectly agree with you! In Italy we have the same problem... :(
Martha said…
I agree, most performers now a day have the slits so high, that you do see the crotch. I don't find it necessary either, since we just want to see them dance.

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